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Technology Usage in Classroom.

As a future math teacher and baseball coach, I am putting this blog together at least to begin with, as part of an assignment for my educational technology class.

I went to high school at a small private school, Jackson Academy, located in Jackson, AL. The technology that the school had, at least when I went there, was almost non-existent. The most technologically advanced thing that the school had was old desk top computers that we were not able to use except on special occasions.

I went on to spend two years (fall 2009-spring 2011) at Alabama Southern Community College, attending primarily the campus in Thomasville, AL. It was there that I had first contact with some of the higher up technology for education, case and point being the SmartBoard. After being at a non-technologically sound high school, I was absolutely amazed by the SmartBoard and still am to certain degree. Still being at a small community college, I knew that that was not the most advanced that was out there.

In the Fall of 2011, I transferred in to Huntingdon College, where I still am. Some classrooms, including the math department, still only uses chalk boards. But elsewhere on campus, it seems to be at the same technological level as Alabama Southern, which, taking into account that this is a private college, is not that surprising.

During the observations that I have done in my time at Huntingdon. I have really only seen teachers who use chalk boards, or at least, might as well be. One teacher I observed did use an elmo, and another teacher I observed did have a SmartBoard, but only used it as a projector. I have yet to see any high school math teacher be technologically sound. And while I don’t forsee myself having a paperless classroom, I would like to bring in technology in my math classroom and I hope that the Educational Technology class that I am currently in can help me accomplish this.