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Google Glass

Okay, so anyone who has any interest in technology and Google’s enterprises is familiar with Google Glass, which, apparently will allow you to record anything or “Google” anything on the fly and give you everything that you are searching for in a display on the glasses.

These glasses certainly will provide the next level of instant gratification that our cell phones have been bringing us closer to over the past few years. And it will also certainly provide another driving hazard because search results would block the road. But, as a future educator my question is, How will this affect education?

I’ve already mentioned instant gratification, meaning once you ask a question you get an answer, this could be applied to instant research as well as a greater potential for students to find a teacher’s mistake. The students could also record what the teacher says and does for future┬áreference.

However, it could also be the source of infinite distractions of the students and infinite problems for teachers, because of the instant gratification offered by the Google Glass. All a student would need to do is ask it to “Google” anything under the sun, and he/she has it in front of ┬áthem.

While this is a great new technology, I feel like the distractions they will cause will be bigger than the positives offered by the Glass. So, I don’t forsee them being allowed in a classroom any time soon.